Innovative diesel technology

Open Power Unit (OPU)

All types of the new water-cooled 55 kW engine, the Hatz 4H50TIC, are available as a "Open Power Unit". In addition to the standard scope of delivery of the engine, all parts which are required for the operation of the engine are delivered with OPU. These include a radiator and intercooler mounted vibration-decoupled, as well as the appropriate tubing and wiring harness. All parts are installed in the factory during the production process. Thus, the customer only needs to connect tank, pre-filter and pump as well as air filter, battery and control box.

During the development of the OPU, special attention has been paid to the fact that the OPU can be used with a wide range of applications. Therefore, the OPU is already available in lot sizes of one piece. The main application areas of the 4H50TIC OPU are primarily working machines such as hydraulic lifts, hydraulic power units, forestry machinery, drilling rigs and stationary applications such as pumps and generators.

In addition to the flexible use, the 4H50TIC OPU is also characterized by the known attributes of the basic engine. The extremely light weight of the base engine is reflected, of course, in the weight of the complete package. The complete package weighs just 82 kg more than the base engine. In addition, the box dimensions with 699 mm in width, 935 mm in length and 807 mm in height allow flexible installation even in restricted installation space.