Exhaust emission aftertreatment

Hatz E1 DPF: First DPF for engines under 19 kW

The Hatz E1 DPF technology is a diesel particulate filter system for the electronically controlled single-cylinder engines 1B50E and 1D90E, and thus the first series-produced particulate filter system for industrial diesel engines in the power class up to 19 kilowatts.

Integrated occupational safety

The E1 DPF system reduces particulate emissions far beyond the statutory environmental protection requirements and fulfills far-reaching occupational health and safety requirements. The system filters more than 90 percent, and in many areas more than 95 percent, of harmful particulate emissions from engine exhaust gases, protecting health and the environment.

In accordance with the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) No. 554 "Exhaust gases from diesel engines", the BG BAU (professional association of the construction industry) restricts the use of diesel engines in fully or partially enclosed work areas. These are work areas that are at least partially closed in. This includes, for example, trenches that are more than shoulder-deep. To reduce exposure to carcinogenic diesel particulate emissions in trenches more than shoulder-deep, workers are required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment. With the E1 DPF system, occupational health and safety measures can be reduced or completely eliminated when working in deep trenches such as these. The occupational health and safety measures are integrated into the drive system through comprehensive exhaust emission aftertreatment.

Funding of construction machinery with E1 DPF

BG BAU funds the purchase of diesel-powered plate compactors with self-regenerating diesel particulate filters. This includes machines equipped with Hatz E1 DPF technology. The CR 6 WSA DPF and CR 7 WSA DPF plate compactors from Weber Maschinentechnik are currently on the BG Bau funding list. Machine operators who are members of BG BAU can apply for a maximum subsidy of up to €2,000 for plate compactors equipped accordingly.

From mechanical masterpiece to smart engine: typical Hatz robustness paired with maximum functionality.