Electric drive systems

Competent partner for electric drive solutions

In recent years, Hatz has developed into a drive specialist open to all technologies. This also includes the partnership-based development of electric drive systems. Hatz supports machine manufacturers with a modular system for the implementation of alternative drive concepts, and enables machines to be sustainably optimized with new features through an holistic approach.

Combining electrical and application expertise in a meaningful way

Hatz acquired the Munich-based company Inecosys in 2021. Inecosys specializes in electronic controls and systems, and has been supporting Hatz in the development of alternative drive and control systems ever since. Combined with decades of knowledge of the needs of machine manufacturers and operators from Hatz's target industries, manufacturers of construction, municipal, agricultural and power generation machines can rely on maximum expertise in the implementation of innovative drive and machine concepts.

In its collaborative and partnership-based cooperation with machine manufacturers, Inecosys contributes the short paths and fast processes of the start-up scene, guaranteeing high implementation speed. Electronic components and software modules can be individually adapted to the requirements of the machine. Hatz provides expertise in mechanical engineering, mechanical design and structural-mechanical simulation, as well as the capacity to enable series production of the desired drive systems.

Purpose Design approach

Hatz works according to the Purpose Design approach when implementing electric drive systems. The focus here is on using all the possibilities of the selected drive technology for the machine. The machine is rethought from the ground up and holistically. In this way, features and benefits can be realized that are not possible with the conventional replacement of the drive technology, for example the substitution of a combustion engine with an electric motor.

The modular drive system

With the Concept Cube, Hatz demonstrates the highest level of sophistication that is possible with the modular e-drive system. With its own technological expertise, Hatz supports machine manufacturers in the development and realization of innovative and disruptive machine concepts. The modular e-drive system offers the appropriate tools for this.

As a competent development partner at eye level, Hatz is available with its comprehensive expertise in drive technology and automation. The machine manufacturer does not have to spend time and resources building up its own expertise in relation to these components and functions. The extent to which Hatz provides support is determined by the customer. Thanks to the modular system, the customer can individually choose where they want support.

Concept Cube concept study

Hatz demonstrates the advantages that the development of disruptive machine concepts based on the modular e-drive system can bring with the "Concept Cube" concept study. For this demonstration machine, Hatz has developed a new type of drive system that expands the "plate compactor" application with possibilities that were previously not feasible, e.g. cornering.

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