Electric drive systems

Concept Cube study

Hatz presented its Concept Cube concept study at the leading industry trade fairs. The Concept Cube gives an impression of the advantages that can be realized when vehicle and drive concepts are rethought from the ground up.

The Concept Cube is designed as a new type of electrically driven plate compactor. In contrast to conventional (electrified) plate compactors, the Concept Cube is a remote-controlled unit that can move freely in all directions. The innovative drive system makes curves and diagonal movement possible.

All connectivity components are an organic part of the machine concept. Retrofitting is not required. The Concept Cube forms an harmonious unit of innovative drive, state-of-the-art connectivity and disruptive design. The Concept Cube also demonstrates that the compact design of the drive means even small plate compactors can be produced without compromising on function, performance and efficiency.