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21. Systems  
Hatz Systems develops and manufactures generators and pumps, as well as special applications based on customer request.  
22. Components  
Hatz is a producer of engine components for the automotive industry. The portfolio includes connecting rods, crankshafts, rotating and control parts.  
23. D-Series  
…The Hatz D-series is characterized by high performance and unique design. The engines are especially suitbale for challenging tasks.  
24. G-Series  
…No matter what the weather conditions, Hatz 2G40 is one of the most robust and durable diesel engines in this market segment.  
25. H-Series  
…With the water-cooled 4-cylinders 4H50TIC, Hatz focuses on common rail technology, turbochargers and external exhaust gas recirculation.  
26. Hydraulic Pumps  
…The Hatz diesel engines, together with the Hatz hydraulic pumps are the ideal solution for machines where many hours of operation are expected.  
27. Power Systems  
…The various designs of Hatz power systems are used in areas where an independent power supply is needed, like mains failure solutions.  
28. Pumping Systems  
…The Hatz pumps product range includes fresh water pumps, wastewater pumps, as well as individual applications based on customer request.  
29. Maritime Applications  
…Based on the compact and robust Hatz Diesel engines, Hatz offers a wide range of Marine products, such as a on-board electrical systems and pumps.  
30. Production  
Hatz Components relies on a consistent improvement of the production process. As a result, an economic metalworking and competitiveness is ensured.  
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