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21. H-Series  
…With the water-cooled 4-cylinders 4H50TIC, Hatz focuses on common rail technology, turbochargers and external exhaust gas recirculation.  
22. Power Systems  
…The various designs of Hatz power systems are used in areas where an independent power supply is needed, like mains failure solutions.  
23. Pumping Systems  
…The Hatz pumps product range includes fresh water pumps, wastewater pumps, as well as individual applications based on customer request.  
24. Tier 4 final  
… From 2013, this level also applies to the engines in the class from 19 to 37 kW and 37 - 56 kW. The Hatz diesel B, D and G series engines have fulfilled these limits for several years and are the only small…  
25. Repair and Maintenance  
…In order to provide the best service, Hatz offers customized maintenance kit. The same quality standards apply to all our spare parts as to Hatz diesel engines.  
26. Protect+ Warranty  
…Service and high quality standards are very important for Hatz. This also applies to the original Hatz spare parts. These are indicated by a spare part label with a seal of quality and a safety feature.  
27. Brochures  
… German English EU Stage V German English H-Series German English – NEW Systems Hatz 1D81 hydro concept German English Hatz Military English Hatz Flywheel-Integrated Permanent…  
28. Job Market  
…Job Market You want to start your career at Motorenfabrik Hatz? Our job market lists all vacancies for which we are currently seeking new employees at our main plant in Ruhstorf. Do you want to help us shape the…  
29. Training  
… technology enthusiasts and good with their hands as well as interested in commerce, Motorenfabrik Hatz provides the best opportunities for completing a first class, interesting and varied education. The…  
30. Studies & Career Entry  
…Starting at Hatz You have already completed your course of studies, are just about to start your studies or are in the middle of studies or want to write your dissertation? Then you have come to the right place because…  
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