Special Systems

In contrast, the Special System Construction division also develops and produces solutions that have to meet quite special, rather infrequent requirements and cannot be covered with standard components.
This means that all steel parts such as frames, casings or containers are designed and produced on a customer-specific basis and adapted to the ambient conditions.
This can also include the development and certification of systems that have to be designed according to special standards or special regulations in regard to noise emission, electromagnetic comp ability or failsafe performance.
To fulfill the special requirements for generating sets, we work closely with generator manufacturers. Consequently, the highest demands for voltage accuracy, parallel operation or power grid synchronization are fulfilled.
Over past decades we have been able to acquire great expertise in the production of systems for extreme weather conditions. Regardless of whether -40° or more than 50° Celsius, regardless of whether dusty or wet and humid –
when no standard system is up to the task, Hatz Systems provides a solution. To give an example at this point, Hatz special pumps operate from 15,000
to 20,000 hours of operation in Africa with no problem under the most difficult of operating conditions. No matter how sensitive the field of use, how special the requirements regarding reliability, size, operability, service or performance, Hatz Systems is your problem solver for special systems with quality.