Modular Powerplant System - MPS

Most high capacity applications usually require very large engines. However, their power is only needed at peak times so a large engine mainly runs at underload but with high operating costs and not at an optimum operating point. Hatz offers the MPS (Modular Powerplant System) scalable system solution for this, which is composed of 32 generator units. The design of the system is oriented at basic and peak load. In addition to the economic rationality, the higher failsafe performance, the much lower footprint and the customer-specific module principle that also grows with your requirements all argue in its favor. In our scalable electricity stations, we have incorporated some other advantages which provide sustainable benefits such as reliability and long service life
thanks to intelligent control of the system.
The system is ideally suited for operational sites with a high load spread, e.g. high demand during the day and less consumption at night.