Special pumps

Hatz special pumps are used in applications where a normal pump is not robust enough or where some special requirements are needed. This, for example is the case for thermal oil pumps. With temperatures of up to 350° C these pumps have a totally diff erent requirement compared to trash or clean-water pumps. Very often there are synthetic oils used for this application because of their lower cost. They are particularly bad for the pumps because of their reduced viscosity and lubricating properties. S-Series pumps are also able to deliver a high pressure at a low fl ow rate. With a housing made of reinforced polycarbonate even chemicals and sea water can be processed.
Hatz special pumps can cope with strong requirements and are very well suited for all application areas. Hatz pumps can also be developed and produced based on customer demand.

Application areas

Hatz S-Series pumps can be found in application areas such as district heating or the chemical industry.