Energy Solutions

Agricultural pressure pumps

The Hatz self-priming clean water pumps are known for their quality and user friendliness. The pressure pumps are specifi cally used for irrigation systems and as booster pumps. With a capacity of up to 4,000 liters/min. the pumps are designed for handling large amounts of water. Smaller pumps are also available with a capacity of 400 liters/min. and are suitable for a variety of professional applications.
All materials used for the pump match the quality levels which are expected from Hatz products. The pump impeller for example is made of very rigid hardened grey cast iron. Gaskets are made of ceramics to further enhance lifetime. Depending on the design a Hatz diesel engine with 1-, 2– or 3-cylinders is used to always off er the best possible performance combined with the optimal consumption. Even under extreme conditions the engines operate reliably and effi ciently.

Application areas

Hatz pressure pumps are used predominantly in the agriculture field in irrigation systems but also as a booster pump where water needs to be transported over long distances or great heights.

Agricultural volume pumps

If higher amounts of clean water need to be raised, Hatz has a number of solutions available. When there is a low sand content and no solids in the water, Hatz pumps can process higher amounts of water rapidly. The pump flow rate ranges from 5,000 up to almost 14,000 l/min. The maximum sand content allowed is 40 g/m³.
The pumps use the larger air-cooled Hatz engines of the L- and M-Series range with 2-, 3- or 4-cylinders. All engines are equipped with an automatic engine protector, which for example could shut off the engine automatically in case of a drop in oil pressure or a failure of the cooling fan.

Application areas

The agricultural volume pump is used mainly for field irrigation systems or when higher amounts of water need to be transported over closer distances. They can also be used by disaster relief organisations in case of floods.