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Optimum Pump Technology for Professionals

From small, easy to transport pumps up to large, high capacity, wastewater and heat transfer pumps – Hatz offers a broad range of engine-powered pumps for a variety of applications. Ideal for everyone who wants to work quickly, reliably and efficiently when there is no power supply.
Hatz water pumps are equipped with industrial diesel engines and work reliably over a long service life. They operate on the centrifugal pump principle and, depending on the model, with standard constructions, pump between 45 and 830 cubic meters of liquid per hour. Whether fresh water for irrigation in horticulture or in agriculture, wastewater or sludge on construction sites, drainage of  floods or chemical and cleaning agents in industry – Hatz provides the optimum pump for your use.
In addition to the quickly available standard products, Hatz Systems also develops and produces individual solutions such as construction pumps on trailers approved for use on roads or bronze pumps for critical media.

Hatz pumps product range:
Clean water pumps
Wastewater pumps
• Self suctioning, normal suctioning
• Mobile or stationary