industrial diesel engines

M-Series – Ready to use all the time

The M-Series is the mainstay among industrial diesel engines. The 2, 3 and 4-cylinder engines have been successfully established on the market for around 30 years – and they are still regarded as unbeatable. The robust basic drive train, notably the sturdiest crankshaft of all engines on the market, has remained unchanged since the market introduction. Thus running times of several ten thousand hours are no problem for the M-Series engines.


  1. Power from 16.4 to 26.3 kW
  2. max. torque 107.2 Nm
  3. max. speed 3000 rpm


  1. Power from 25.0 to 39.8 kW
  2. max. torque 165.0 Nm
  3. max. speed 3000 rpm


  1. Power from 34.0 to 53.1 kW
  2. max. torque 219.1 Nm
  3. max. speed 3000 rpm