industrial diesel engines

The B-Series – Flexible solution for all areas

The Hatz B series scores high marks in mobile and stationary operation with compact installation dimensions and in all applications with a power requirement up to 8 kW due to its low weight. Also in regard to robustness and lifetime, the series sets standards in the market. Whether on vibration plates or in the inhospitable environment of the Antarctic, the B-series has been tried and tested a hundred thousand times in harsh surroundings.


  1. Power from 1.4 to
    3.5 kW
  2. max. torque 10.5 Nm
  3. max. speed 3600 rpm


  1. Power from 2.1 to
    5.4 kW
  2. max. torque 17.5 Nm
  3. max. speed 3600 rpm


  1. Power from 3.2 to
    7.5 kW
  2. max. torque 24.9 Nm
  3. max. speed 3600 rpm


  1. Power from 3.5 to
    8.5 kW
  2. max. torque 27.4 Nm
  3. max. speed 3000 rpm