Hatz Buys Technology Start-up

Motorenfabrik Hatz has acquired the technology start-up Inecosys. The young company from Munich, Germany, is specialized in developing innovative control and electronics systems. This step has secured more expertise and know-how for drive solutions of the future for Hatz.

By acquiring the technology start-up Inecosys in July, the drive specialist has now added the next building block to its innovation strategy. "At the moment, we are busy transforming ourselves from being a diesel engine specialist into an open technology drive manufacturer. Even if our engines already meet the strictest exhaust emission standards and are the benchmark in their class — our long-term objective, apart from emission-reduced combustion engines, is in particular zero-emission operation for our drives," Hatz CEO Bernd Krüper points out.

The takeover of Inecosys is the latest highlight in the Hatz innovation offensive. "The products of tomorrow will feature full electronic control and their own artificial intelligence. In future, our planning will also integrate hybrid solutions and electric drives along with alternative fuels. The know-how of our latest company addition will provide us with enormous support in converting these visions into market-ready innovations," says Dr.-Ing. Simon Thierfelder in explaining the future path of Motorenfabrik Hatz.

Three doctoral candidates at the Technical University Munich established Inecosys in 2014. Currently, it employs eight people at the Munich Technology Center MTZ. The last seven years have seen several of the big names in the automotive and engine industry become customers of the young company.