Genuine Parts


Spare parts kits will accompany your Hatz engines over their entire lifecycle. The Hatz Lifecycle program is based on the two pillars maintenance and product upgrade. The composition of the kits is the result of the world-wide experience of the entire Hatz service organization.


These are primarily focused on the various operating conditions and applications. As experience has clearly demonstrated, the general composition of a maintenance kit for approx. 250 hours cannot be used for all operating conditions and applications. Frequent replacement of filters is the most important remedy against the action of dust, insufficient fuel supply and contaminated diesel fuel with high water content, to ensure the reliability and service life of an Hatz engine.
The standard maintenance kit, consisting of one air, fuel and oil filter, which is intended for normal operating conditions, will be supplemented by a medium and a heavy-duty maintenance kit. The Medium-Kit includes an additional air cleaner. The Heavy-Duty-Kit in turn consists of three air cleaners, two fuel and two oil filters. There are also some other interesting Maintenance Kits.
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These permit subsequent technical enhancement of a HATZ diesel engine. Changed application and operating conditions can also be taken into account with these enhancement kits: for example, a noise reduction package which subsequently helps achieve lower noise emissions. Double fuel filter systems can be installed subsequently in case of adverse operating conditions, to ensure reliability of the application. Should a water separater be missing in the original application, it can simply be re-ordered from HATZ to protect the injection system against corrosion. Electrical instrument panels with additional features can also be supplemented, e. g. by an operating hours counter or a battery buzzer.