Repair and Maintenance

DPF-Preparation - EasyClean

Alternative to buying a new particulate filter

Hatz diesel particulate filter systems (DOC/DPF) are designed for a long service life and regenerate automatically. However, deposits of substances such as oil ash or metal abrasion cannot be burnt off in a regeneration.
After approx. 4,000 operating hours, the fine structure is clogged by ash residues and its own regeneration is no longer possible. The diesel particulate filter must be replaced or cleaned manually.

The innovative Hatz DPF cleaning programme EasyClean cleans the particle filter gently, efficiently and cost-effectively. With a cleaning level of at least 98 %, the DPF is thus restored to an almost factory-new condition.

Hatz offers you two variants so that you can choose according to your needs. Disassembly and assembly of the DPF is simple and can be carried out by yourself without much effort. However, our customer service will also be happy to help you if you wish.

With our "Cleaning" programme, you can have the DPF of your engine cleaned quickly and reliably.

Price: 748 €

With our "Exchange" programme, a serviceable DPF that has already been reconditioned is available to you at any time and immediately throughout Europe. You do not have to wait for the reconditioning of your DPF and thus avoid downtime of your machine.

Price: 998€