Innovative diesel technology

Engine Evolution with Hatz E1 Technology

Since the company was founded, it has been in our corporate DNA to set milestones in engine technology. With the new E1 technology, we are now bringing single-cylinder engines into the networked future.

The World’s first Electronic Control for Single-Cylinder Engines

For the first time, you can benefit from a combination of proven durability, reliability and longevity
in single-cylinder engines with forward-looking electronic components that until now were only available for larger engines and machines.

E1 technology is optimised for Hatz singlecylinder engines.

The interplay of mechanics and electronics...

...optimises engine operation, while also enabling the integrated networking of small equipment for the first time. Interfaces to the control unit allow data to be exchanged at all times. On the one hand, the transfer of data in both directions enables engine data to be analysed, while on the other, it allows new data to be loaded, such as predefined engine speeds or software updates.

Numerous and widely used engines and machines that previously played no role in Industry 4.0 are now part of the digitalisation strategy in companies.

The key component of E1 technology is the control unit

Constant measurements, for example, of the speed and fuel injection rate, provide precise data on the load condition of the machine. In addition to regulating the engine, the control unit sends engine-related data via CAN J1939. For example, the service life, capacity, engine condition or need for service can easily be read. This interface also offers the convenient option to analyse the engine using the HDS² diagnostic tool.

Benefits for You

Hatz Single-Cylinder Engines with E1 Technology

The new E1 technology from Hatz, with electronic fuel injection and engine control, is available for the models of Hatz’s B- and D-series.


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