Environmental management

Environmentally conscious action is firmly anchored in our corporate principles. One of the most important tasks is to shape technical progress, innovation and economic success in harmony with our environment. 

The Hatz environmental strategy is therefore globally oriented and committed to targeted environmental management with active responsibility. This applies to product development, production and the actions of each individual employee. Risks are systematically identified and analysed in order to purposefully implement the necessary measures for improvement. 

Our commitment to the environment does not end at our gates. We actively involve business partners, customers and suppliers in our environmental management.

Environmental management system according to ISO 14001

Hatz brings life to environmentally conscious action and places this under the strict guidelines of the internationally recognised environmental management standard ISO 14001. On the basis of targeted environmental management with clearly defined processes, environmental indicators and goals, we pursue a continuous improvement strategy, the results of which stand up to official and regular audits.

The low emissions and long service life of our Hatz engines begin with environmentally conscious development and continue with the environmentally friendly use of materials in production. We assume this responsibility together with our employees and support this through targeted training to ensure the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of raw materials and energy while significantly reducing waste, hazardous substances or noise and air emissions at the same time.