Code of conduct

The Hatz Group is committed to working fairly with all business partners and representatives. All those involved in the business processes as intermediaries between their own company and the respective partner bear a particular responsibility toward their own company, customers and suppliers, the environment and society.

In all its business activities and decisions, Hatz commits to abiding by the laws in effect and any other applicable regulations in the countries in which it is active.

The ethical principles spelled out in this Code of Conduct are grounded in the basic principles of the “Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME)”, the “UN Global Compact”, the ILO conventions, the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child and the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination of Women as well as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies.

Corruption, bribery, extortion

We neither practice nor tolerate corruption, bribery or extortion in any form whatsoever.
In dealings with business partners and state institutions, the interests of the company and the private interests of employees on both sides shall be separated strictly from one another. We take action and make decisions independent of considerations unrelated to the business at hand and that involve personal interests.
The following applies in particular:
It is prohibited to accept, offer, demand, promise, grant or condone any kind of personal benefit from business partners in exchange for preferential treatment if this is done for the intent purpose of influencing a business relationship in a prohibited manner or if there is a risk of jeopardizing the professional independence of the business partner.

Conflicts of interest

Hatz aims to create sustainable and professional relationships with its business partners that are founded on business principles. Any mixing of private and business interests between Hatz Group employees and its customers, suppliers, consultants and other parties involved in the business process that jeopardizes the professional conduct of employees or the justified interests of the Hatz Group can lead to conflicts of interest and shall be rejected.
Hatz expects its employees to be loyal toward the company. In particular, it is prohibited to acquire a participating interest in the companies of competitors, suppliers or clients. A conflict of interest exists when the nature and scope of such an interest has the potential of influencing one’s actions relating to the execution of one’s professional duties at Hatz in any form whatsoever.

Human rights

Adherence to internationally-recognized human rights shall be respected and supported.
Naturally, this includes the prevention of participation of any kind by the company in human trafficking or modern slavery.

Forced labor

Any form of forced labor shall be strictly forbidden.

Child labor

The regulations of the United Nations about human and children’s rights shall be observed. In particular, the agreement about the minimum age for permission for employment (convention 138 of the International Labor Organization) as well as the agreement about the ban and immediate measures for eliminating the worst forms of child labor (convention 182 of the International Labor Organization) shall serve as a standard and be observed. If a national regulation with respect to child labor provides stricter standards, these shall be observed. The rights of young employees shall be protected and special protection regulations shall be adhered to.


Employees shall be treated with respect and dignity. Hatz employees are called upon to oppose all forms of discrimination in accordance with the prevailing laws and statutes. This refers especially to discrimination against employees based on gender, race, disability, ethnic or cultural origin, religion or world view, age or sexual preference. In addition, sexual harassment and inappropriate treatment at the workplace are strictly prohibited.

Involvement of business partners

Hatz employees are called upon to observe the aforementioned rules of conduct in all business transactions and decisions, especially in the selection of business partners. Partners for whom there is doubt that they adhere to these rules of conduct (for example, with respect to forced or child labor, human rights) shall be called upon to adopt these rules of conduct immediately; if necessary, they must be replaced by other business partners.

Ethics escalation policy

Hatz expressly encourages all employees to speak out against unethical conduct. A clearly structured and confidential internal process exists to communicate suspected infringements.