About Hatz



The most important asset for the long term success of Hatz is qualified and motivated personnel. The foundation for this is our own good training. That's why Motorenfabrik Hatz provides first class training for all engine and technology enthusiasts in its own training workshop. Only through its own junior staff can a family-owned company become successful across the generations.

Social Responsibility

The Mathias Hatz Foundation represents the social responsibility awareness of Hatz. It was founded in 1992 by Mr. Ernst Hatz in memory of his grandfather and company founder, Mathias Hatz. By setting up the foundation, Ernst Hatz wanted to provide the employees of Motorenfabrik Hatz, as well as the residents of the Ruhstorf community, with his sustainable support and to express his gratitude for the success of the family operation.

On the one hand, any employees or former company employees (or their dependents), who are suffering hardship through no fault of their own due to misfortune are financially supported by the Foundation. On the other hand, charitable, ecclesiastical and social tasks in the Ruhstorf a. d. Rott community/parish are supported.

The distribution or resource allocation of the relief payments is taken care of by the foundation board which currently consists of Messrs Wolfram Hatz (Foundation Executive Board), Christian Hatz (Deputy), Sandra Nill, Gerhard Krottenthaler and the parish priest of the Ruhstorf catholic parish.

Since the inception of the Mathias Hatz Foundation, a total of 170,000 euro have been shared among those in need by statute. The generous gesture of Mr. Ernst Hatz in the Ruhstorf community, as well as in the Hatz workforce, has helped provide assistance in difficult circumstances in the form of financial support.

Environmental Policy

In our company, protection of the environment is regarded as an important part of the company objectives. We are aware that, despite all endeavors, our activities affect the environment. It is our job therefore to keep these adverse effects to a minimum. Thus we promote the environment not only in terms of legal requirements, but reduce the environment impact above and beyond them accordingly at all times.