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Motorenfabrik Hatz enters into a joint venture in component production

Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG enters into a joint venture with Berylls Group GmbH, who acquires a majority stake in Hatz Components GmbH through a capital increase. Motorenfabrik Hatz will be a minority shareholder in the future and will invest the resources released by this step in its further development and transformation. With the automotive experts of the Berylls Group from Munich, the preferred partner for the joint venture could be brought on board.

New CEO of the Motorenfabrik will be Dr.-Ing. Simon Thierfelder (left), previously Chief Technology Officer of the company. Bernd Krüper will be CEO of Hatz Components in the future.

The accelerating transformation of the automotive and engine industry also poses major challenges for suppliers of engine components. In order to meet these requirements in a market- and customer-oriented manner, Motorenfabrik Hatz has been looking for a suitable investor for Hatz Components GmbH, whose sole shareholder had previously been Motorenfabrik. 

As of May 22, Motorenfabrik Hatz has entered into a joint venture with Berylls Group GmbH, advised by Berylls Equity Partners GmbH. The company specializes in business development in the industrial and automotive sectors and, as a strategic partner, is taking over the majority shares in Hatz Components GmbH and thus the industrial leadership. The aim is to further develop the company with the existing management team and staff and to push ahead with internationalization. As a renowned company in the automotive industry, Berylls is the ideal partner to achieve future success in this important market for Hatz Components. 

Both Motorenfabrik Hatz and Hatz Components benefit equally from this approach. The supply of excellent quality connecting rods and crankshafts for the Motorenfabrik's robust industrial engines is ensured by this joint venture. The Motorenfabrik has been and will continue to be Hatz Components' largest customer.  

In terms of location and management team, Hatz and Berylls are committed to continuity. Motorenfabrik Hatz and Hatz Components will remain at their current location in Ruhstorf an der Rott, near Passau. Bernd Krüper, until now CEO of Motorenfabrik Hatz and Hatz Components, will be responsible for Hatz Components on his own in the future. Berryls will support at management level with advisory executives.  

The new CEO of the engine factory will be Dr.-Ing. Simon Thierfelder, previously Chief Technology Officer of the company. Thierfelder will take over the management of sales, marketing, service and digitalization in addition to his previous responsibilities for R&D and operations.  

For the future orientation of Motorenfabrik, the investor's entry into Hatz Components is the optimal solution, as Thierfelder emphasizes: "This move frees up the resources we need to continue to perfectly serve the needs of machine manufacturers and operators in our core markets in the future. In the future, Motorenfabrik will be able to focus unrestrictedly on its core business and the expansion of its portfolio, as well as investing even more heavily in innovation. This concerns both the expansion of our combustion engine business and the development of leading digital and electrified solutions. Positioned in this way, we will continue to enable machine manufacturers and operators to do their work as efficiently and comfortably as possible - regardless of the drive technology." 

These investments in the future of Motorenfabrik Hatz in turn stabilize the business of Hatz Components, which can be sure of long-term orders from the engine factory. With the help of Berylls' strategic support, Hatz Components GmbH will also gain long-term security and perspectives by tapping into new target markets, sales regions and implementing a comprehensive strategy for the future. Wolfram Hatz, majority shareholder of Motorenfabrik Hatz, is certain that this cooperation will quickly show positive effects: "Berylls will optimally position Hatz Components for the challenges in the changing components business. We welcome the Berylls Group's entry into Hatz Components and look forward to the trusting cooperation between our houses." 

Hatz Components manufactures connecting rods and crankshafts for engines in construction, agricultural and recreational applications. The Hatz engine factory is a leading provider of drive solutions and services for construction, agricultural and municipal machinery and power generation.