Working at Hatz

Social Benefits - An Advantage of Hatz

We want to motivate our present employees and be attractive to new employees. Hence, beside performance-related remuneration, attractive workplaces, numerous opportunities for promotion and a positive working environment, we offer further additional company benefits. It may be that one of our offers is vital in making us your employer of choice.

Our offers to you:

Company pension scheme – Provide now for retirement

The statutory pension does not provide enough for retirement, that's why Hatz employees have the possibility of an additional pension in the form of a deferred compensation. This reduces your contribution to the taxable gross salary that is subject to social security obligations.

Employees can choose between the following three ways of implementing the company pension:

Our independent insurance and financial advisers can provide you with advice on this and, together with you, devise an offer tailored to your needs.

Contributions to employee capital formation (TV CL)

After being part of the company for 6 months, you are entitled to the employee capital formation (TV CL). This is an employer-financed direct insurance, the employer pays this solely on your behalf. This way we make a contribution to your pension.


We pursue the goal of improving the pension opportunities of our employees. This is realized in collaboration with GIFT (Gesellschaft für individuelles Finanz-, Assekuranz- und Vertriebsmanagement mbH) as an independent insurance and financial adviser. Our employees have the opportunity of receiving advice on the company pension scheme or provision for occupational disability at favorable employee conditions. GIFT is also available to our employees for answering other questions on private insurance or savings options.

Canteen – The way to motivation is through the stomach

Balanced nutrition is important because it increases the sense of well-being and productivity.
Our canteen serves warm food throughout the day. The lunchtime menu has something for everyone – here you can pre-order from two main dishes or put together your own menu including a starter.
You can also buy fresh, low price pastries daily. A local baker delivers a huge selection of pastry and pasta products to our company every morning.
You need have no concerns about your catering with us.

Workwear for industrial apprentices

Our commercial/technical apprentices (cutting machine operators, toolmakers) are given standardized workwear in their size at the start of their training. They receive 2 x work trousers, 5 x t-shirts, a work jacket and a pair of safety shoes. Not only is our workwear high quality, it is also trendy and functional.

Health service/Company doctor/Occupational safety

The health of our employees is first and foremost. Our safety specialist and the company doctor work closely together to comply with all health and work protection regulations and to maintain or improve the health of the employee or make working better.
In order that all safety officers, first aid helpers and the company doctor are kept up to date on the subject of work and health protection, they take part in regular training sessions or further education courses.
Our company doctor is available to employees for all questions or concerns regarding occupational medicine, prevention or general health questions. A wide range of occupational medicine medical check-ups (hearing test, eyesight test,…) can also be carried out on a voluntary basis.

Educational leave – Further education creates opportunities

In times of accelerating technical and economic change, the importance of occupational further education is becoming more and more relevant. The adaptation and continuous further development of occupational qualifications in all areas – and hence lifelong learning – are unavoidable. We support your education offensive by granting educational leave for certain part-time further education courses with full-time blocks.

Employee motivation – Only motivated employees can achieve great things

To create a pleasant working environment, attention is paid to the traditional values of regard, appreciation and respect in our company. But, on top of that, employee motivation is extremely important to us because whoever motivates his employees can also unlock the huge potential within them.
This principle is also firmly rooted in our Q-policy as nothing influences the success of the company more directly or comprehensively than its employees. Your know-how, your motivation and your commitment are the basic prerequisites for optimum quality and efficient production.
We want to increase employee motivation through:

Anniversary bonus

To express our gratitude and recognition of our long-term employees, after being with the company for 25 or 40 years they receive a special recognition on the anniversary in the form of an anniversary bonus, awards in the form of certificates as well as a copy of our Hatz chronicle.

Recreational vacation

Long-term employees are given 2 weeks recreational vacation in addition to their salaried vacation. They can take this vacation at a time of their choosing or spend 2 relaxing weeks in a beautiful hotel in Austria.

Company suggestion scheme (CSS) –  Ideas can pay off

With the CSS, we want to inspire our employees. They should be motivated  to use their experience,  skills and creativity and to submit suggestions for improvement – even beyond their field of work.
Recommendations from all areas (workplace, work processes, occupational safety,…) are accepted and checked for feasibility of implementation.
In this way the employees make an active contribution to the further development of the company and it pays off too - because implementable recommendations are rewarded accordingly with cash and non-cash prizes.
The company suggestion scheme thus serves as a building block for successful idea management.
All employees  of Motorenfabrik Hatz can submit suggestions for improvement. Several persons can also form a group and make suggestions.

Further examples for boosting our employee motivation:


Mathias-Hatz Foundation

The Mathias Hatz Foundation was founded in 1992 by Mr. Ernst Hatz in memory of his grandfather and company founder, Mathias Hatz. By setting up the foundation, Ernst Hatz wanted to provide the employees of Motorenfabrik Hatz, as well as the residents of the Ruhstorf community, with his sustainable support and to express his gratitude for the success of the family operation.
On the one hand, any employees or former company employees (or their dependents), who are suffering hardship through no fault of their own due to misfortune are financially supported. On the other hand, charitable, ecclesiastical and social tasks in the Ruhstorf a. d. Rott community/parish are supported.