Working at Hatz

Elina Franz


"To begin my training at Hatz really was the right decision."

After your school leaving examination, why did you choose a training position and an occupation requiring training to become an industrial clerk?

The first question I faced after the school leaving examination at the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium Pocking was whether I would prefer to go to university or to start a training course. I then decided first of all to obtain professional experience and start a training course. When I looked into the training and the occupation requiring training, I learnt that practice and theory are combined and an insight is gained into all company departments. This immediately appealed to me. Additionally, I am generally interested in business and commercial processes.

How did you become aware of Motorenfabrik Hatz and why did you decide to start your training at Hatz?

I learnt about the company on the Hatz website where I also became aware of the occupation requiring training to become an industrial clerk. 
I therefore chose Hatz as my training company because, on the one hand, it is close to where I live and, on the other hand, the company has a very good image. Additionally, it is well know that Motorenfabrik Hatz offers very good and interesting training.
Furthermore, I consider that I have very good development opportunities for my future career at Hatz (such as further training as an accountant at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce), and I also have the opportunity in this company of learning a highly qualified profession with a wide range of potential employments.

What tasks and activities have you found to be very interesting up to now and which you particularly enjoy?

Calculation of time tickets and subsequently entering them in SAP were, for example, tasks in the human resources department that I really enjoyed because this activity meant I could work independently.
I also found preparation of order papers in assembly control (logistics) interesting, as well production of type plates for our engines. I also enjoyed in accounts, for example, allocation of outgoing invoices to the corresponding export certificates.

How did you like the training at Hatz?

I very much liked the training because every day brings new tasks, and one gets involved in the daily business life. The switch between departments, which happens approximately every three months, really makes the training varied and this clarifies the operational contexts. Another factor that speaks for training in the Hatz company is above all the friendly and helpful interaction among fellow employees. I was positively surprised about how well I was integrated in the team in every department. All in all, Hatz provides very interesting and diverse training during which a lot is learnt.

What are your plans for after you have finished the training?

After I passed the final test, I was given the good news that after the training I will be taken on in the accounts department. I would like my further professional development at Hatz to include further accountancy training. The company offers opportunities and helpful support for this.