Industrial Clerk

Industrial clerks control business processes in the company and are active in different branches and sizes of operations. Their commercial-managerial field of activity extends to all functions of a company. Industrial clerks support all company processes from a business management point of view and fulfill important tasks in all departments. They are active, for example, in the areas of accounting and business finance, they edit, book and check the processes arising in the business operations. In human resources they work out the personnel requirement, help with recruiting or recruit personnel and plan the deployment of personnel. Other areas of application are, for example, Sales, Logistics, Purchasing, Accounting or Order Processing. In large operations, they are specialized in one area, in smaller ones, they must take on a variety of tasks.

During training, they pass through all the departments specified in the training plan.


  • Minimum requirement: Secondary education certificate
  • Commercial understanding or pleasure in commercial activities
  • Good school grades in the subjects of accounting and economy and jurisprudence

Training duration

The training period is 3 years (a shorter period is possible with a corresponding school education or good performance).

Further training possibilities

Administration experts (e.g. industrial business administrator, economics specialist), managerial accountant, commercial specialist, human resource management) or business administration

Vocational college

The vocational college lessons take place in block lessons at the state-run vocational school 2 in Passau.

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