Cutting Machine Operator

Your job as a cutting machine operator is the dimensionally accurate manufacture of workpieces and components made of different materials. You will manufacture precision components in single unit or series production using machining methods such as lathing, milling, drilling or grinding. Here you work on conventional or numerically controlled CC machine tools (lathes, milling cutters, drills and grinders), set them up, create CC machine programs and monitor the production process. You will organize your work process in compliance with deadlines and economic specifications and continuously check dimensions and surface quality of the finished workpieces with the aid of test equipment and test methods. You are also responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the machines.


  • Qualified diploma or secondary education certificate
  • Average grade of at least 3.0 (main subjects: Mathematics, physics)
  • Positive remark on the certificate
  • Motivation and a willingness to learn
  • Careful working approach
  • Technical interest and understanding

Training duration

The training period is 3.5 years (a shorter period is possible with corresponding good performance in the vocational college)

Further training possibilities

For example, industrial foreman in metal, technician, technical operation manager

Vocational college

In the first year of training (block lessons) the vocational college lessons take place at the vocational college in Pfarrkirchen and from the second year of training (also block lessons) at the state-run vocational school 1 in Passau.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship? Then we look forward to your application!

Please apply with your complete application document (letter, CV, photograph, last certificate, internship confirmations etc.) by post to the address below or by e-mail.

Application process

After we have fully checked your documents,  you have convinced us and met our requirements, you will receive an invitation to the online suitability test on our premises.  This test is an important decision criterion in the selection process.
After the tests have been evaluated, you will again receive feedback from us and then the invitation to the job interview where applicable.

Contact person and address

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Norbert Zwicklbauer
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