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Dissertation – The last step before professional life...

You would like to write your diploma, bachelor or master's thesis at Hatz? We can support you, particularly with subjects in the fields of engineering, research, development and design. However, in commercial fields too, we can search together for suitable suggestions for topics if necessary.
Regardless of the field: We offer you forward-looking and appealing subjects, including individual specialist support and differentiated incentive payments. Together with your ideas, your commitment, your curiosity and the know-how of our specialist, your dissertation will be a huge success.
We place great importance on innovation – with your dissertation, you provide an important contribution to our future further development.
After successful graduation, you want to enter professional life at Hatz directly? If we need direct entrants, we could be your first employer.

As the prerequisites for a dissertation at Hatz, you should offer:


Are you interested?

Then apply promptly giving details of your desired field of application by post or e-mail. Please ensure that your complete application documents also include the planned work period, copies of certificates and internship certificates. We will then check whether we can offer you a topic or which topics we can offer you.

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