Service information 4H50TIC

4H50TIC service parts

Here you can find the service parts which you need for the maintanance of your 4H50TIC.

NameDescriptionpart number
500h maintanance kitcomplete service kit for the 500 hrs. maintanance024 040 00
Pre fuel filter1 piece506 380 00
Fuel filter1 piece506 381 00
Airfilter main element1 piece506 382 00
Oil filter1 piece506 388 00
Joint A22 X271 piece500 016 00
Oil separator1 Stück, for crankcase breather506 405 00
Poly-V belt1 piece506 294 01
Air filter secondary element1 piece506 383 00

The service parts can be sourced via your local Hatz servicepartner.

Service parts details

4H50TIC - 500h servicing kit consits of:

4H50 - V-ribbed belt - item number 506 294 01
This V-ribbed belt has to be checked all 500 hours of operation and has to be changed when worn. At the latest however, after 3000 hours of operation.

4H50 - air filter - secondary element - item number 506 383 00
The air filter secondary element is to be changed by every 5th servicing, at the latest however, after 2 years.