Über Hatz

Redesign of the facade and the visitor entrance

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The administrative main building of the Hatz engine factory at the Ruhstorf site is being given a fresh new look. Two planned construction phases are in progress for the new flagship. In phase one, the structural alteration and renovation of the external facade of the main administration building sends a positive signal to the outside world. A modern, customer-friendly and befitting reception area will be built for visitors in the second phase.

Draft of the facade redesign on the gable side, Ernst-Hatz-Straße (photo: Georg Leeb, architect)

Phase 1: Prestigious showcase

The redesign of the facade that is currently beginning underlines that Motorenfabrik Hatz is commercially stronger again and that it is a modern and innovative business. The new facade will create an important and distinctive flagship for employees, customers, suppliers, applicants and the interested public: "This renovation fulfils high demands, provides a suitable framework for our important tasks, and presents a befitting appearance for Hatz in the future", says Bernd Krüper, Chairman of the Management Board. "The modern image is an attractive calling card for a company with a long-term future and where it is fun to work every day."

For example, the new window front provides a showcase for presenting high-quality products and services to the outside world, including visitors such as customers, suppliers and job applicants – as well as the interested public. LED lights and large, expressive images complete the overall picture. On the north-eastern side, the existing glass frontage of the first floor will be complemented by another identical glass frontage on the ground floor in order to provide an architecturally harmonious and aesthetic overall appearance on the gable side as well. For the commissioned architect, Georg Leeb, it is clear that Hatz has been of enormous importance for Ruhstorf and the region for almost 140 years: "The current external appearance of the facade no longer corresponds to this value and is no longer contemporary. It's getting on in years and closed off, rather unwelcoming. For this reason, a new appearance that is open to the outside and presents the products, with modern materials and lighting, is much needed. The traditional serrations are clearly at the centre of the design. We want guests from all over the world to feel welcome."

The serrations on the left and right of the logo are from a patent of Franz Hatz (1894 to 1927) concerning an injection nozzle for combustion engines from the 'roaring twenties'. One flat seat nozzle with separate nozzle plate. This was the birth of the Hatz injection system with its symbolic injection jet – that can still be seen in the logo today and on the facade in the future.


At the end of July, construction work will begin on the scaffolding in Ernst-Hatz-Straße. The footpath will therefore be closed to pedestrians along the length of the facade and a detour will be installed. After this, the plaster will be removed. In the first week of August, plaster strips will be put in place, cables laid, preparatory work for the blinds completed and windows installed. The base plaster will be applied from the middle of August. At the beginning of September, the blinds will be integrated, the final plaster completed and painted. The scaffolding will be dismantled from the middle of September and the new high-quality metal facade will be installed by the end of September. From time to time, other smaller tasks will be carried out until the middle of October. By then, for example, the blinds will have been finally installed.

Construction phase 2: Reception area for visitors planned for mid-2020

The existing visitor entrance at the main gate opposite the Ruhstorf Volunteer Fire Brigade will be converted into an attractive reception area. This gives Hatz the opportunity to welcome visitors in a cultivated and attractive environment. It is planned to equip the bright and friendly entrance area with modern seating and an exhibition of new models. In addition, visitor bathrooms, cloakrooms and a kitchenette will be added to the foyer. The construction phase is at the planning stage and will take place from the middle of next year, provided that the earnings situation is commensurate.